What is the best high imitation replica version of Yeezy Shoe 350V2? Can it be fake at first glance

The Yeezy 350 Boost V2, known as the King of Shoes, remains sold out all year round due to global limited edition genuine products. There are also more and more friends who are starting to purchase high quality imitations, and many people feel confused because there are many versions of this shoe before buying it. In fact, if you change your mindset, you will understand that there are too many groups who like this shoe, including tycoons and losers. Due to the large customer base, major factories all want to eat this fat meat, and produce it for customers with different consumption abilities.

The author mainly does a lesson in advance for babies who want to get started with the highly imitated fake Yeezy 350V2, explaining all the issues that everyone is concerned about one by one, so that babies can spend money to buy shoes that satisfy themselves. Because the author himself has been working as a wholesale distributor in Putian for many years, he is very familiar with the things that babies care about and care about.

Before we start, let me give the babies some science education. Can the best quality replica Yeezy 350V2 shoes be tested? Because many babies often ask me. Firstly, the appraisal results of all appraisal platforms are not officially authorized, which means that even if you have inspected the goods you purchased, there is no guarantee that they are genuine. Secondly, the platform can cooperate. Each major sports store on Taobao sells goods ranging from 3000 to 6000, and only by cooperating with the platform can they ensure that they can pass the appraisal. The shoes sold have markings that ordinary people cannot detect. When the appraiser sees the markings, they know which Taobao store they belong to, and they can directly pass the appraisal.

In fact, upon careful consideration, it may seem unreliable. Genuine products are sold out for years, while sports stores have thousands of pairs in stock. Those who do business do not calculate the cost of hoarding a pile of shoes, after all, a pair of shoes costs thousands of yuan. To be honest, these are all high imitation. Because the cost of collaborating with the platform and authorizing sports stores is high, their selling price is also very high! There are also many WeChat sellers boasting about the anti virus version of the product. Please firmly do not believe it. 

I will now provide you with a summary of the current versions available on the market, so I won’t go into detail about those junk versions. 1、 True BASF Explosion

The really explosive version is suitable for beginners, who only care about the appearance of the shoes, not the overall details and feel of the shoes. Simply put, it means wearing it casually, and the price is relatively cheap and affordable.

BASF is also known as H12 version. The shoe shape and appearance of this version are basically authentic. The popcorn on the midsole of the shoes is the same as the raw materials used for authentic products. It is the popcorn produced by the German chemical giant BASF. However, the transparent sole TPU, which wraps the popcorn on the midsole, has a slightly different craftsmanship from the genuine one. It can be seen that the heel of the shoe is a bit too yellow, and the color is slightly different from the genuine one. In addition, there may be slight differences in the appearance details of the shoes, but to be honest, this version won’t be fake at a glance. Suitable for friends with less than sufficient budget for students. Compared to the highest version, the price is more affordable.

2、 Is the highest version G5 or PK? Many friends like to ask me whether Yeezy G5 version is better or PK version is better? Actually, the difference between these two versions is not significant. The main difference is that PK is an old version, which existed in 2016. G5 is a new version that has been optimized and produced by another team for PK shoe grinding tools. Compared to the shoes, the details and craftsmanship are higher and better. The raw materials are the same as the genuine ones, regardless of the shoe box, upper, or sole. The appearance details and upper foot feel are comparable to genuine products, and there is a strong sense of shock when running. To exaggerate, it feels like stepping on shit. Except for professional appraisers who can distinguish through some small wiring and internal standard unique limit codes, ordinary people cannot distinguish.

It is still necessary to remind everyone that recently, many new friends have added my satellite number 2660214315 to complain that they spent a high price to buy a pair of substandard goods and then went to the merchant for after-sales service. However, they were refused returns for various reasons, resulting in a loss of money. Under the temptation of profit, this irresponsible phenomenon will still occur. However, after five years in the shoe business, the editor has always followed the principle of no reason to return or exchange within seven days, because after all, some people will regret buying genuine shoes, not because the shoes themselves are not good, but because he personally does not like them. If we can’t do business, we can be friends.